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Built in PhraseExpress. EHR compatible. Inserts notes to any target on the fly. Injects your EHR with hiqh quality notes. Streamlined clinical reporting workflow.

Affordable and Efficient Reporting Upgrade

Simple upgrade path. Improves productivity. Saves time and money meeting insurance requirements. Customizable input/output.

Powerful Features You Can Rely On

Minimalist, form-based interface. Guided shortcuts and next step links provide smooth flexible workflow while avoiding delays and confusion. Designed to meet latest guideline requirements.

Flexible Plans

Discount subscription pricing is per provider. Auto renewal can be cancelled at any time. To get started create your account. Request free trial or subscribe when ready.

Bi Annual

$ 315
  • Comprehensive SOAP Note Features
  • Streamlined Workflow
  • Output Preview
  • Customizable


$ 575
  • Comprehensive SOAP Note Features
  • Streamlined Workflow
  • Output Preview
  • Customizable


Limited Time Offer
$ 1080
  • Comprehensive SOAP Note Features
  • Streamlined Workflow
  • Output Preview
  • Customizable
Best Value

PhraseExpress Professional licensed separately. Group practices or organizations contact us for inquiries on multi-provider subscription plans.

adjective: audit-proof; a documentation expert; free from worry

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learn more about our usability features

AdX is designed to be easy to use, yet powerful and flexible. AdX remembers the last-used menu to return quickly to where you left off.  Menus have a minimalistic style and are organized in a logical SOAP note order.  Shortcuts bypass hierarchical navigation to keep productivity and workflow streamlined for most scenarios.

All forms have a similar look and feel. Pressing Ok processes your inputs to generate output and/or proceed to the next step. To exit just press Cancel. From your EHR or target application, press the assigned hotkey (F12) or use the PhraseExpress icon menu to restart AdX.

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Besides being able to integrate with any EHR providing ultimate flexibility and immediate upgrade path, features are integrated in ways often lacking in other tools. The look and feel of forms is consistent. Statement builders are flexible offering a variety of outputs. Statement builders loop until the complete findings are presented and the provider chooses to navigate forward. Navigation next steps are selectable. Customizable data and inputs are integrated across the application. 

There are over 30 Excel feeds that can be modified to customize the output. Other system settings for headings, previews, default values, and formatting are available. AdX comes pre populated with broad based rich data to meet most requirements. Subscribers gain access to Excel spreadsheets with customizable datasets, items, and settings.

Absolutely! Dr. Becker designed the application to meet requirements imposed by most guidelines. Working with AdX will help advance the knowledge of most providers, and this is important since producing quality documentation is not just about technology. This is why Antares dX is also about knowledge based resources for dealing with guidelines, medical necessity, functional improvement, and progression of care.  The ultimate choice of documentation style is flexible and chosen by the provider.

learn more about Phrase Express

AdX Chiropractic was developed in and requires PhraseExpress software. PhraseExpress is available for free trial which roughly coincides with our trial period. Easy-to-use and powerful features of PhraseExpress can be leveraged enhancing the value for each customer.

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The all-in-one solutions from EHRs tend to become static as the underlying macro language and documentation features are rarely updated. By using a market leading platform that is regularly enhanced, AdX can deliver more powerful features while remaining dynamic and responsive to changing conditions.

In theory many EHR solutions can be customized via their own clunky macro capabilities. However, providers rarely have the time or aptitude to wrestle with these issues. Meanwhile and over time, EHR sellers will often be slow to update capabilities. Some new macro widgets may be added that are still weak, become redundant and confusing, and are not integrated as a whole.

As PhraseExpress undergoes regular enhancements this will stimulate new and better approaches. Antares dX will continue to enhance AdX to give providers new and better ways to streamline their efforts. 

PhraseExpress is offered by Bartels Media GmbH of Germany. Both PhraseExpress and AdX are affordably priced and typically licensed per provider. PhraseExpress is licensed separately with discounts for longer term subscriptions. AdX requires the Pro version of PhraseExpress for Windows.

There are a wide variety of potential workstation or network configurations possible and depending on your business requirements, alternate licensing and subscription terms may be available. To learn more just ask us. Learn more about PhraseExpress at their website.

EHR compatibility

AdX Chiropractic fits right in with your existing workflow. Just proceed to the note in the usual manner. Instead of typing or using the EHR note builder, press the hotkey assigned to AdX Chiropractic. Then make the magic happen.  

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The burden of clinical documentation just keeps increasing. Are you and your EHR up to the challenge? Now you can upgrade your clinical documentation tool and improve quality, while avoiding the upheaval of changing your EHR. 

Installation and setup are simple. First create an account. From your account page let us know when you are ready to begin free trial. Download and install PhraseExpress. Download AdX Chiropractic and load the AdX application file into PhraseExpress. Start the application via hotkey or menu and provide client keys we sent you. Now you are up and running. Practice inserting notes to Notepad or Word to get the hang of things.

AdX Chiropractic was developed by Jeffrey P Becker MBA DC to address issues he has seen in various clinical settings. The goal is to help improve the quality of clinical documentation while maintaining high efficiency. Nothing is more valuable than your time. AdX is a win for all chiropractors. Doctors can spend their time in the most productive ways and sleep better at night with less risk of audit, non-payments, and clawbacks.